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i'm new to the group, and i just wanted to give you all a little back story on my history with track and field.i've been running track on and off since 5th grade. i got into after watching the 96' olympics in atlanta and michael johnson's double. ever since then, i've been hooked. i've been a sprinter for as long as i've been running, even coming into a michael johnson type running form(which i know isn't good, but i'm comfortable with) looking back on my high school career, i feel i've wasted these four years being scared. confidence, on and off the track, has always been a problem for me. i've always been scared of other sprinters, either by their bodies(i'm a skinny guy) or their track record or form or whatever.) plus, being the kid always picked on in school hasn't helped too. so my skin isn't thick at all to criticism. now i'm here about to start college and am planning to run in college in the 200m. and am wondering if there's any advice on this confidence issue track-wise? any advice is welcomed.
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Date:June 12th, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)
The greatest thing about collegic track and field is the plethora of events from the Stepple Chase to the 4x100m relay. No matter what your body type, there is an event catered precisely to your physical configuration provided you have the patience to explore the sport until you find an event that best utilizes your assets to help you run, jump, sprint, throw, fly, or hurdle to your fullest.

When I first started running in high school I was hell bent on being the best 400m runner ever (I run a 52). Then I watched dozens of guys at Nationals finish with 48s. I was discouraged, but not tremendously because I found out that my tallents as a runner allowed me to perform better in other events like the 800m, the mile, the 5k, and the 8k. I have won fearcely competative 400m races by fractions of a second, because someone got shafted on lane assignment or had a rough step on the turn, and it winning felt great. But I have won 8ks against runners ranked much faster on the entry sheet, because the course was rougher, more hilly than ussual, the rain was pouring down, or because the heat was boiling us alive, and it was more meaningful to me breaking their spirit, passing them with a few meters to go, and winning knowing that I had won because I had more heart when the race was hell and it came down to who wanted it more.

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends that take only a SINGLE breath in the 60m dash because they think it will buy them a fraction of a second, friends that do a dozen block starts a day, and stride work all afternoon looking for that one perfect race when every single stride is perfect from start to finish. They are looking for that one perfect race when they just open up and fly.

Out fly in 200m or out will your opponent in 2000m makes no difference; what matters is finding the event that will drive you to your next level of competativeness with yourself to continually improve for the next race and the one after that until you find out just how fast you really can go, because when it is all said and done the only time you are training to beat is the one you ran in the previous race…
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Date:December 12th, 2007 07:41 am (UTC)
i agree with majinojinn..
i am a sophomore in college and i throw hammer for my university.. when i got here i saw all the throwers and how dam good they were.. i thought that i would never be that good.. i was suppose to throw disc and when i got there... throwing disc at barely 6' and 260 pounds compared with the other disc dudes on the team.. who were 6'4"+.. my confidence was shot... but i found my niche' throwing hammer.. its all about what you make yourself man.. believe that with a certian amount of work.. you can do what you want.

advice?? get to know your team mates.. most importantly.. the ones you workout with and do the same/similer events with. ask them questions. you will find your niche' .. i promise.. thats what college is about.. and by the way.. when you get to college.. they will have a serious workout for you designed for you by professionals who do that for a living.. so you will get faster doing there workout.. and more muscular if thats your goal. goodluck man
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